Bilateral EDOF IOL ISOPURE implantation

 Bilateral EDOF IOL ISOPURE implantation

Bilbao-Calabuig Rafael

Clínica Baviera/AIERGroup Spain and Ramsay Healthcare, UK


We present the case of a myopic 64 year old woman medical doctor with moderate nuclear cataracts, searching for surgery and spectacle independence. She suffers moderate to severe dry-eye; she is recommended to avoid diffractive trifocal lenses and finally received bilateral implantation of EDOF IOL Isopure (BVI Physiol, Belgium). Visual, refractive and subjective satisfaction outcomes are very good; spectacle independence for distance and intermediate quite reasonable. Conclusion: Current EDOF IOLs provide significant spectacle independence, it is possible to use them even in case of dry eye syndrome and their indication fits in between monofocal and trifocal IOLs.

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Jiri Jonas
27. 3. 2021 11:04

Do you have positive experience with EDOF IOLs even in myopic patients? Trifocal IOLs have somehow lower subjective rate of satisfaction when implanted in myopic patients. Thank you for your answer

Rafa Bilbao-Calabuig
Reply to  Jiri Jonas
27. 3. 2021 20:03

We do not have experience with highly myopic patients.
In moderate myopic patients, the results are very good, comparable to the obtained with the patients presented in the clinical case.