Corneal nerves

 Corneal nerves

Zdenek Kasl

Eye clinic, FN Pilsen hospital, CZ


This is a case study of a young 20-year-old man sent to the University Hospital in Pilsen for a decrease in vision accompanied by bilateral edema of the optic nerve target. Clinical examination confirmed the presence of bilateral papillary edema. Due to the standard CT finding examination of the head, bilateral neuritis, or a possible atypical course of idiopathic intracranial hypertension was also considered. The neurologist performed a diagnostic lumbar puncture, which did not clarify the cause of the finding. The examinations showed that the deteriorated visual acuity was mainly due to the result in the eye's anterior segment, and the patient is in the care of the cornea center of our clinic. Nevertheless, the optic nerve affections in a possible connection with the target edema had to be ruled out. The diagnostic balance, examination procedures, and conclusions will be carefully presented in our communication.

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