Intraorbital acupuncture for the treatment of dry eye and its principles

 Intraorbital acupuncture for the treatment of dry eye and its principles

Stodulkova Jana

Stodulkova D., Stodulka P.,

Office of Integrative Medicine, Zlin, CZ


The presentation introduces one of the many successful cases of advanced dry eye syndrome treated by acupuncture.

The orbital structures are inter - connected with the continuous three - dimensional network of connective fascia tissue. The presentation is ba sed on the experience of enhanced production and distribution of tears as being directly proportional to the relaxation of the musculofascial cone of the orbit caused by intraorbital acupuncture. When inserting the acupuncture needle deeper in the orbit, w e can feel the counterpressure of the tissue, which significantly lowers with successful treatment.

The changes during acupuncture treatment occur at the molecular, cellular, and structural levels. Acupuncture treatment causes the fibroblast cytoskeletal remodeling, resulting in changes in the fascia's mechanotransduction strokes and pressures. The orbital fascia relaxation most probably participates in the release of the tear ducts.

The treatment is typically carried out in ten weekly acupuncture session.
A part of the lecture is also the demonstration of the intraorbital passage of a needle through the inferior oblique muscle (musculus obliquus inferior) and its fascia during an anatomical autopsy.

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