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Noé Rivero
26. 3. 2021 17:30

For German Bianchi, which OVD did you prefer

Pavel Stodulka
Reply to  Noé Rivero
26. 3. 2021 17:58

According to my information, Dr. Bianchi does not use any OVD for IPCL implantation and he implants it under irrigation only. There might be perhaps a higher risk of cataract but there is no need to aspirate OVD after implantation, which makes the surgery faster.

Dr Bianchi Germán
Reply to  Pavel Stodulka
26. 3. 2021 18:29

As Pavel comments, surgery without OVD and under continuous irrigation maintains a positive pressure in the anterior chamber, which facilitates the injection and manipulation of the IOL in the anterior and posterior chamber. I did not find cataracts in my case series and there is no swelling (TASS) or IOP spikes after surgery.

Pavel Stodulka
Reply to  Dr Bianchi Germán
31. 3. 2021 14:35

Gérman is a GREAT surgeon. I recommend to start with OVD and if you feel OK after some cases perhaps you can try a younger patient without OVD with irrigation only but I recommend to be extremely careful to avoid cataract. With age I get more conservative 🙂

Birgit D.
26. 3. 2021 18:12

Should we base the IOL classification on optical bench IOL performance or on clinical results?

Pavel Stodulka
Reply to  Birgit D.
31. 3. 2021 14:36

As was discussed in live discussion clinical results should become the main basis for clinical IOL classification. Of course we can classify IOLs also according to technical principles but for patients it would be generally to complicated.

Omar H.
26. 3. 2021 18:25

What does it mean social range of vision in IOL performance?

Pavel Stodulka
Reply to  Omar H.
31. 3. 2021 14:38

This is a company terminology and means distance and intermediate uncorrected vison for computers, tablets, smart phones etc. Society like AECOS should develop a classificaion which could then be widly accepted by ophthalmologists, patients and industry.

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