Presbyopia correction in emmetropia bypresbyopicphakic IOL

 Presbyopia correction in emmetropia bypresbyopicphakic IOL

Bianchi German

Nano Eye Clinic, Olivos-Buenos Aires, Argentina


Purpose : case report of presbyopia correction in emmetropia by phakic IOL.

Case report: A fifty years old emmetropic man with uncorrected distance visual acuity 1,0 and healthy eyes wants to avoid reading glasses. We have considered two surgical options. First option was refractive lensectomy with tri focal IOL implantation and a the second rel atively new option was phakic diffractive intraocular lens. After the discussion with patient , we decided to implant IPLC (EyeolUK) diffractive presbyopic phakic lens. T he preoperative examinations were in favor of phakic IOL implantation , only ultra sound - biomicroscopy revealed narrower angle . YAG laser peripheral iridotomy was performed in both eyes preoperatively . Using a personal nomogram, an IPCL addition of 2 diopters (D) for the dominant eye and 3 D for his non - dominant eye was selected. For implantin g the IPCLs, a technique without viscoelastic substance was used. After finishing the surgery of the first eye, a high vault (985 μ m) was detected. Because of that, the size of the second IPCL was d ecreas ed by 0,5 mm from 13 , 2 to 12 , 7 millimeters, resulting in a better vault value (568 μ m ) in the second eye. Seven months after surgery the patien t is happy, reads without glasses , both eyes are quiet , without cataracts, with normal intraocular pressure and corneas remain clear with stable endothelial cell counts. Patient refers no dysphotopsias.

Conclusions: Bilateral presbyopic phakic IOL implantation resulted in glass independence. A careful preoperative anterior chamber assessment is mandatory prior phakic IOL implantation . IPCL presbyopic diffractive lens is a possible option for correcting presbyopia in healthy eyes of presbyopic emmetropic patients.

Discussion: It is important to bear in mind the potential risks of intraocular procedure. New bio - synthetic corneal inlay opens new possibili ty for presbyopia correction in emmetropia or low hyperopia without the risks of intraocular procedure

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