RGP contact lenses and high regular astigmatism

 RGP contact lenses and high regular astigmatism

Jiri Vrba & Eliska Hanzalova

Gemini Eye Clinic, Ostrava-Belsky Les CZ


Into our practice came a 20 years old patient to discuss her possibilities for refraction surgery. She has been wearing glasses since she was 7 years old and in her eye anamnesis she did not report any injuries or operations. Strabismus or amblyopia neither. However, she mentioned that on the eye chart, was never able to read line 1,0 (during examination binocular CDVA was 0,63) and she reports instability of her refractive error.
Her dominant eye was left. After measuring both corneas on pentacam, we got refractive powers higher than 50 dioptre, which means that laser refractive surgery wasn ́t indicated. Suggested options were to try RGP lenses or possibility of implantation of phakic toric intraocular lenses in the future.
Our patient decided on conservative procedure and binocular CDVA 1,0 was reached after RGP lens application.
Based on this case study we can see that RGP contact lenses are possible solutions in cases where glasses aren’t providing required visual acuity and laser refractive surgery is not indicated.

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Pavel Stodulka
27. 3. 2021 17:37

Do you limit the daily time RGP lenses are worn on the eye? How often does the patient need to exchange the RGP lens?