Unusual fluctuation of refraction after cataract surgery

 Unusual fluctuation of refraction after cataract surgery

Baskova Alexandra

Barakova D., Kadlec R.

Gemini Eye Clinic, Prague, CZ


In this paper, we describe an interesting case report of refractive surprise after cataract surgery based on abnormal aqueous humor circ ulation. We present our procedures from less invasive therapeutic steps to more demanding surgical procedures. We document the individual steps with a diagnostic balance of the current state. None of the procedures led to a causal solution to the problem, so after stabilization of the refraction fluctuation, we finally proceeded to a symptomatic treatment by laser correction of the residual refractive error by the Trans PRK method. With this procedure, we achieved a satisfactory refractive result, stabiliza tion of anatomical conditions and patient satisfaction.

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Pavel Stodulka
27. 3. 2021 17:31

This patient works as watchmaker, yes? Did the patient notice improvement or deterioration of her near vision during the myopic shift?