When the image is distorted

 When the image is distorted

Stranska Ivana

Blahova P., Novackova Z., Kanovsky R.,

Gemini Eye Clinic, Brno, CZ


Metamorphopsia is a common manifestation of macular pathology. In the lecture, we focus on the case report of our 79 - year - old patient, who reported a two - year decline in vision and the presence of metamorphopsia. Based on OCT examination, the vitreomacular traction syndrome was diagnosed . The patient therefore underwent 23 - gauge pars plana vitrectomy wi th peeling of the inner limiting membrane. Preoperatively, the corrected vision was 0.3 decimal. After the surgery , the corrected vision improved to 0.6 with a reduction in the perception of image distortion. The presentation is supplemented by OCT documen tation.

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