Zlin Festival of Ophthalmology

Traditional educational festival for eye physicians, nurses and other ophthalmologists. 

Zlin Festival of Ophthalmology or so called ZOF, has become an annual meeting point of eye doctors and nursing personnel.


Ophthalmolgists from all over the Czech and the Slovak Republics as well as from Poland come to Zlin in March to exchange their experience from daily practice and also to listen to interesting case studies of their colleagues. The attendance grows consistently year to year – last year roughly 600 participants were enrolled – 400 physicians and ophthalmologists and 200 nurses.


Even this year you will hear or actively deliver expert contributions and presentations within four modules (lecture blocks). The presentations and contributions will be finished with a question and you will thus have the possibility to interactively react to the presenter and also to choose the winning lecture of the festival as in previous years.