Prague Ophthalmology Festival

Traditional educational event for eye physicians, nurses and other ophthalmologists. 


The Prague Ophthalmology Festival, also known as POF, is an established gathering for ophthalmologists and healthcare professionals.


The festival attracts ophthalmologists from all over the Czech Republic and Slovakia, who come here every autumn to exchange their experiences from daily practice and listen to interesting case studies presented by their colleagues. The participation of doctors and medical staff continues to grow. In the last editions, nearly 600 participants from the professional community attended.

About the congress​

In several lecture sessions, attendees have the opportunity to listen to or actively present professional contributions – case studies that are concluded with survey questions. The congress allows interactive communication directly with the speakers of individual presentations, as well as voting and the selection of the winning presentation for the entire festival.


Some case studies may be enriched by the presence of specific patients. At other times, you can witness online discussions by leading world ophthalmic surgeons, broadcasted in real-time to the congress hall. The congress enriches the annual event with a diverse accompanying program.

This year´s POF

The 10th anniversary of the Prague Ophthalmology Festival took place after a two-year break, during which all activities shifted to the virtual environment, but now it’s back live at the Žofín Palace in Prague, Czech Republic.


The educational event is organized according to the Regulation No. 16 of the Czech Medical Chamber and is accredited with 6 credits for czech eye doctors.

03 11 2023

The next Prague Ophthalmology Festival will take place on November 3rd, 2023, once again at the Zofin Palace in Prague, Czech Republic.