Complication of examinationin arteficial mydriasis solved by cataract surgery

 Complication of examinationin arteficial mydriasis solved by cataract surgery

Fedasova Aneta & Kacmar Jiri

Gemini Eye Clinic, Ostrava, CZ


A case report of a 52 - year - old patient with high hyperopia who underwent acute angle closure of the right eye after a routine eye examination abroad. A patient with high intraocular pressure in the right eye with eye pain and headache was treated con servatively and sent to us for a laser iridotomy. She arrives at our clinic on the 10th day after the onset of problems. After a general eye examination, in addition to severe hypotension, cataracts of both eyes were diagnosed. Due to unfavorable anatomica l conditions in the right eye, laser iridotomy was abandoned, the condition was re - evaluated, and cataract surgery was indicated and performed , which despite complicated situation took place without complications. Cataract surgery in second eye was perform ed in two weeks without complications which improve d the vision, anatomical and refractive conditions of both eyes.

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Pavel Stodulka
27. 3. 2021 17:22

In high hyperopia cases one should always consider narrow angle and risk of angle closure when dilating their pupil. In risky cases a preventive laser iridotomy should be considered. Did you also think about peroperative iridectomy in this patient?

Jiří Kačmař
29. 3. 2021 18:31

Good evening, thank you for the question. Yes, we also considered this option. However, during the operation, after removing the lens, there was a significant improvement in the anatomical proportions of the eye. We decided to wait and possibly do laser iridotomy in time if needed.