Familial cylinder

 Familial cylinder

Peter Ziak

Eye clinic of Jessenius faculty of Medicine and University Hospital; UVEA Mediklinik, Martin, SK


In lecture we present a brief case report of a family occurrence of unilateral astigmatism in father and son. Son s (born in 1973) left eye astigmatism was corrected by a Schwind Amaris 750S excimer laser with a 6D eyetracker, while the uncorrected VA on the operated eye was 1.2 one year after surgery. Fathers (born 1951) left pseudophakic eye (with implanted spherical monofocal IOL in the past and with dry eye sy ndroma) the astigmatism was corrected by implantation of the astigmatic Addon lens Medicontur A45RT with assistance of VERION navigation system . W e demonstrate the implantation of an Addon lens in video . The final uncorrected VA 1 year after the operation is 1.2.

Conclusion: Familial occurrence of astigmatism is also possible in unilateral form, several methods can be used for correction . In pseudophakic eye with dry eye syndroma it is possible to successfully use implantation of a Toric Addon lens

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Pavel Stodulka
27. 3. 2021 17:08

Ahoj Peter, pekna kasuistika. U toho mladsiho pacienta jsi delal surface ablation. To jsi korigoval i tu malou plusovou vadu nebo jen ten velky cylindr? Pokud i tu malou plusovou vadu, neobavas se, ze epitel svou remodelaci prekryje pomerne brzy efekt povrchove ablace?