The Difficulties of the Face Mask Epoch

 The Difficulties of the Face Mask Epoch

Koukal Karel

Tamasova L.

Gemini Eye Clinic, Liberec, CZ


The report deals with a rare case of corneal damage. Shortly after cataract surgery the patient developed incipient conjunctivitis. Maxitrol ointment was prescribed. After a short period of time, he comes for a check-up for blurry vision. A surprising finding is a very deep horizontal linear corneal erosion along the palpebral rim caused by a cone of the ointment. The finding leads us to the detection of corneal anesthesia. During the thorough personal history, the patient acknowledges the previous extensive facial operation. Its extent is noticeable only after the face mask is removed from his face and neck. This case emphasizes the importance of medical history and general examination of the face even in the current covid face mask epoch.

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